Masterclass / "The Leadership Dynamics of Necessary Evils", Prof. Eric Guthey

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

octobre 26, 2021

18:30 CET



Thon hotel EU

As the past two years of crisis have made clear, the responsibilities of leadership often require close work with many people under challenging conditions of considerable complexity and uncertainty. Most leadership advice emphasizes the need to keep these interactions positive, authentic, or even transformational.

But the reality is often less rosy. In the course of their duties, leaders must sometimes actually cause harm to one or more people to deliver benefits or advance worthy goals. These are called “necessary evils.” Examples include firing people, announcing bad news, delivering negative performance reviews, or closing whole companies.

Research makes clear that it is possible to fulfill these essential leadership functions in better or worse ways. In this interactive masterclass we will conduct a reflective, personalized exercise, combined with small group interaction and large-group discussions, to equip participants with the insights and skills they need to perform these duties with professionalism and interpersonal sensitivity.

BMI Executive Institute in Brussels feels excited to invite you to a Masterclass “The Leadership Dynamics of Necessary Evils” by our faculty professor Eric Guthey (Copenhagen Business School).


The Masterclass is organized by BMI Brussels for the UCLouvain BMI International EMBA programme.

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