The Buddy Programme


What is it?

The Buddy Programme allows an UCLouvain local student to offer a personalized welcome (such as support for administrative procedures, one-to-one visit of the city and much more) to its buddy student, European or non-European, newly arrived in Belgium.

Arriving in a new country or a new city is always a challenge and could be quite difficult: mastering the language, discovering another environment or different ways of living, laborious administrative procedures are reasons why it deserves some extra help.

How does it work?

A multilingual Buddy system web platform enables students already present in Belgium (the sponsor) and wishing to host a foreign student to register. Meanwhile, the student coming to Belgium (the sponsored) and wishing a "buddy" does the same.

A process of "matching" taking into account the specificities and tastes of each (hobbies, interests, etc) has been set up. Fast, easy, the matching allows the meeting of students with a maximum chance of getting alone.

This service is provided by ESN especially for Erasmus exchange students and by CGEI for international students. It gives new students the appropriate support to assimilate to Louvain-la-Neuve and the University! 


Enriching and facilitating the UCLouvain experience for international students, thanks to their intercultural interaction and relationship with local students, who also benefit from the experience and the exchange.