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Bruxelles Woluwe, Louvain-La-Neuve

Duo for Knowledge, South and North

The concept?

The aim is to form a tandem that brings together a member of UCLouvain staff and an international student resident at the Centre Placet. This project is about creating real 'duos' and building lasting relationships.


There are many ways: discussing common interests, the latest novel read, the student's country of origin, sharing a coffee, planning an activity or even a cultural visit.
It is also an opportunity to create a network of contacts around the world and to be part of a community nourished by these exchanges and by the collective activities organised at Le Placet: culinary workshops, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

In practice

Do you have some spare time? Join this great project by writing an email to candidature@placet.be) with:
- Your contact details (Gsm and email),
- Your field of interest and
- One or more countries of your dreams (among the 31 southern partner countries of the cooperation).


Le projet communauté métisse

The concept?

This project set up by the Centre Placet, aims to promote active interaction between students from the South and Belgian students.

The idea of the project is based on the observation that international students are confronted with difficulties in relation to Western learning methodologies, which can constitute a real obstacle to the success of a university course. The digital divide and exclusion mechanisms (e.g. during group work) add to the challenge of academic success.
The difficulty of finding an internship can also arise in a host country where one has not had the opportunity to develop a network.

How does it work?

It is set up through a form of mentoring/sponsorship/bonus between a Belgian student and a Placet resident, an international student from the South.
The role of the Placet Centre is to facilitate these meetings and to evaluate them.

In practice

The students exchange via "friendly and intercultural speed dating" type activities. At the end of the evening, duos of Belgian and foreign students are formed.

The first match-up evening took place in October 2020 in collaboration with a project kot, Placet residents and the ARP (Association des Résidents du Placet).

If you are interested in this project, please contact the Centre Placet .