Duo for Knowledge, from South and North

Bruxelles Woluwe, Louvain-La-Neuve

The goal of Jean-Marie Mutore, director of "Le Placet", is to have at least 50 pairs by 2021 through his new project "Duo for Knowledge, South and North".

The concept?

A former tandem that brings together a member of UCLouvain staff - perhaps you? - and an international student resident at Placet.

You will thus become a contact person whom the resident can call upon to proofread his or her work, dissertation or even a chapter of his or her doctoral thesis.

"The health crisis reinforces the isolation of international students," Jean-Marie points out. Some of them are very lonely and can hardly get in touch with their relatives who are not always connected.

An opportunity to be seized 

Answering this call will be an opportunity for you to meet new people, to discover other universes, and at the end of the day, to be mutually enriched and open up to other cultures! Through these exchanges, you will be able to discover Cameroon, Burundi, Congo or even Benin, Haiti or Chile, which makes you dream... Because beyond this precious re-reading, the project consists in creating real 'duos' and building lasting privileges.


There are many ways: discussing common interests, the latest novel read, the student's country of origin, sharing a coffee, planning an activity or even a cultural visit.
"Each pair defines what is possible according to the time available, their desires and affinities. The most important thing is that each person benefits from meeting the other", emphasises Jean-Marie.

It is also an opportunity to create a network of contacts throughout the world and to be part of a community nourished by these exchanges and by the collective activities organised at Le Placet: culinary workshops, conferences, exhibitions, etc. "Le Placet will thus become a crossroads of intercultural and intergenerational influence," Jean-Marie emphasises.

It will be the 'International House', a dynamic and friendly intercultural centre, a source of inspiration for young and old alike," he concludes with a smile.

In practice 

Do you have some spare time? Join this great project by writing an email to candidature@placet.be) with:
- Your contact details (Gsm and e-mail),
- Your field of interest and
- One or more of your dream countries (among the 31 southern partner countries of the cooperation).

Doctoral and Master's students are waiting to contact you to review their work!