Kot Ardoise

First of all, we are twelve students passionate about the French language! We organize several activities to promote French in very different ways: a language to learn, a language to read, a language to hear, a language with history, a culture and many other things.

You don’t speak French yet?
Then join our Conversation Tables! We organize activities to make you learn while having fun, with natural conversations. We also organize other events, such as our Conversation Dinners: go see our Facebook page for more info.

You already speak French?
Very well then! Why don’t you take part to our Book Evenings, lend a book from our library, or try to write a poem (Q1) or a short story(Q2) for our contests?


COVID-19: Unfortunately, our activities have been momentaneously cancelles due to the COVID-19 measures of the University. However, we keep organizing online activities: go on our Facebook page and follow our Instagram for our short story contest and many other surprises.

You want to contact us, ask questions? Don’t hesitate to send a message via our Facebook page or our Instagram account: we will be happy to answer.

We hope to see you soon in our dear Louvain-la-Neuve!