Kot Erasmus

Kot Erasmus is a kot composed of 10 people from all around the world. But we used to be a lot more ! We used to be 18 people living in the building at Place des Paniers, but since our building needs renovations, we are at Avenue du Ciseau now, just in front of Ephec. If u still can’t find it, just look Kot Erasmus up on Google Maps! You can admire our flag tied to our window from the street ;)

On top of that, we are more than roommates! We are a Kot À Projet (KAP). We lead a project (for many many years now!) which is to welcome, support, and help Erasmus and International students throughout their exchange.

We were used to organizing a Welcome Week and many other events along the year, but unfortunately (or not?) COVID made us innovate. Since the activities led by the KAPs are not allowed anymore, we decided to create an online buddy program to make you meet other exchange students.

Have a look on our website for further information!