Kots A Projet (KAP)

Bruxelles Woluwe, Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

What is a kap

A kot à projet (kap) is an association made up of 8 to 12 students who, in addition to living together in community housing (a kot), carry out a project that is close to their hearts.

The project usually consists of organizing activities for the other students as well as for the inhabitants of the surrounding area. Each kot à projet is specialized in a specific field such as culture, humanitarian or social aid, sports, or environmental protection. In addition to organizing activities, project kots can also provide services or raise awareness of their cause among other students. In all cases, they allow for gathering and discussion.

There are currently about 130 project kots in Belgium, 80 of which are located at the Louvain-la-Neuve site, about 30 at the Woluwe site, and about 15 in Namur. These kap's gather more than 1000 students.

The collective of the kots à projet is the Organe (www.organe.be for LLN and www.organelew.be for Woluwe). The complete list of projects, with their descriptions is available on www.kapuclouvain.be.
All the activities proposed by the kots à projet can be found on the agenda of www.louvainfo.be.