Master organization

Composed of teaching units up to 60 or 120 credits (180 for the master's degree in medicine), normally divided into two annual blocks (three for medicine), this program leads to the academic degree of master.

The master's degree is accessible after an initial training of at least 180 credits. For students with a bachelor's degree from a Haute École, access to the university master's program can be done via the gateways. For adults returning to school, the VAE -Valorisation des acquis de l'expérience- allows them to apply for access to graduate programs.

There are masters [120] and masters [60], organized in parallel.
In its training catalog, UCLouvain offers 93 masters [120] (divided into 181 objectives) and 33 masters [60].

A master's degree is a place for specialization and the deepening of knowledge. It allows students to acquire in-depth knowledge in relation to the chosen discipline as well as the skills and expertise necessary for the exercise of a profession, teaching or research, acquired through the choice of purpose.

Gateways to the master's degree

Holders of a bachelor's degree from a university of applied sciences, you can access the master's degree via the "gateway" system. A decree of the French Community of Belgium defines which master's degree is accessible on the basis of the diploma already obtained and under what conditions (addition of additional credits, for example).
If you are already a student at UCLouvain, you can integrate another program than the one you have already chosen, subject to possible program adaptation, depending on the (possible) transfer of credits from your program of origin to the program of arrival.


Most of the master's programs offered by UCLouvain offer the possibility of an internship (teaching internship, clinical internship, internship in a professional environment or research internship). This immersion in professional life will allow you to discover the world of work, develop new skills and actively participate in your socio-professional integration.
Beyond the internships, socio-professional integration is promoted within UCLouvain through other channels such as recruitment preparation workshops, support in the elaboration of the professional project, both within the faculties and the services of the university (Information and Orientation Center).

Language learning

Another asset of the UCLouvain: language learning is valued throughout the university, in order to allow the graduate a real multicultural and professional integration. UCLouvain also offers several programs entirely taught in English.

International mobility

International mobility and the discovery of other academic environments are an integral part of university education.
UCLouvain has therefore concluded agreements with more than 400 institutions in Flanders, Europe and elsewhere in the world. These agreements allow the largest possible number of students to travel abroad during their studies, within the framework of exchanges or co-degree programmes.

Students with a specific profile

Finally, students with a specific profile (high-level sportsman; high-level artist; student entrepreneur; student with a disability, serious illness or disorder) can benefit from a special status (the PEPS status) that gives them access to accommodations in their university curriculum.