UCLouvain financial aid

The UCL Student Support Service can provide—either in place of or in addition to French Community of Belgium study grants—the following forms of assistance:

  • a reduced tuition fee calculated at the social discount rate (€374 instead of €835);
  • direct assistance to cover enrolment fees, books and course materials, travel, student housing, food and living costs;
  • second-year bachelor’s assistance for computer purchase;
  • assistance for medical costs not covered by a Belgian health insurance fund;
  • reimbursement of first-year bachelor’s students’ summer course enrolment fees;
  • access to the solidary grocery store (Epicerie des vents du Sud), a non-profit second-hand shop, etc.

To be eligible for the reduced tuition fee, students must apply by 31 October and pay 10% of the regular tuition fee upfront, then pay the balance of the discounted fee by the following 4 January. If the application is not accepted, the student will be billed for the balance of the regular fee.