Bonne pratiques dans la construction bois


Auteurs : Denis Zastavni + Damien Nyssen-Dehaye + Albert Mahy + Francis De Vos + Gilles Delaunoit + Kévin Stassen + Jeremy Haynes + Lionnel Van Obbergh + Jean-Marc Franssen + Manuel Van Damme

As part of “Timber in Construction”, the academic strand of continuous education at UCL, a project passing on best practice in the use of wood in construction has been undertaken in collaboration with Hout Info Bois in order to guide designers in their approach to a construction project using wood. This project comprises an analysis of five wooden buildings, all in Wallonia. The aim of these analyses is to summarise the difficulties of ensuring a wooden building performs well if the designer’s approach has been poor. They involve different programmes and on each occasion are associated with a specific problem linked to performance. The areas covered included structure, air and water-tightness, hygrothermal performance, fire-related issues and acoustic performance. Each mini project file summarises the different aspects of one of these issues and illustrates the approach taken by the designer to achieve the desired performance. The project to pass on good practice is introduced by recommendations from experts, in summary form, in order to focus on the essentials. It highlights the advice of expert bodies in relation to the difficulties often encountered in constructing in wood. Although it covers considerable ground, this introduction has been devised as a memo rather than a manual. It is intended to draw engineers’ attention to aspects they will have to consider when designing with wood.

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Certificat d'université : Bois dans la construction

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