The Louvain Institute of data Analysis and modeling in economics and statistics is an interdisciplinary research institute gathering researchers from both the Science and Technology Sector and the Humanities Sector.

It is made up of four center and one technological plateform:

LIDAM logo CORE blue versionCORE

The Center of Operations Research is an interdisciplinary research centre in the fields of economics, operations research, optimization and geography, developing a theoretical and methodological base for the analysis of decision problems related to economic policy and the management of the public and private sector.

LIDAM logo IRES red versionIRES

The institue of Economic and Social Research  analyses economic data on issues related to labor market, business cycle, growth, development, migration or trade policy. IRES members are involved in socio-economic debates through the Regards Economiques series and provide the Service d’Analyse Economique for Belgium.

LIDAM logo ISBA green versionISBA

At Institue of Statitics, biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences, researchers find solutions for both methodological and applied problems of understanding and predicting data, of uncertainty and risk quantification: for actuarial data (insurance, pensions, …) as well as any – potentially complex or massive – statistical data set (data science).

LIDAM Logo LFIN yellow versionLFIN

The Louvain Finance Institute is the finance research centre of UCLouvain focusing on quantitative and empirical analysis of several areas of finance, in permanent contact with clients, industry professionals, and policymakers/regulators to support them in the applications and development of financial methods.

LIDAM logo SMCS blue versionSMCS

The Statistical Methodology and Computing Service is a support platform in statistics offering services both to members of the university and external entities. Its primary missions are :

  • Training sessions (courses in multiple statistical methods and tools)
  • Customized consulting services (to support you in the different stages of a project with a data analytics component, from the design to results, interpretation and presentation)
  • Helping in conducting surveys
  • Collaboration on research projects.