Criminology school


The programme of the Master in Criminology is available on the website

The conditions of access to this programme are described on the page


Future exchange student at UCLouvain (IN)

The website contains a series of practical information concerning an exchange stay at UCLouvain.

You will find the list of courses given at the School of Criminology on the following pages: (introductory course in criminology), (first year of master), (second year of master).

The only exception is the "Perspectives" and "Research" courses, which are only exceptionally open to Master students.

If you wish, you may choose a course in another discipline (law, psychology, sociology).

A one-semester exchange stay should count for about 30 UCL credits.

You will have to fill in the ECTS study contract indicating the courses chosen. This can be reviewed on arrival at the Université catholique de Louvain.