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Perrin NGOUGNI POKEM - Thesis defence

Perrin NGOUGNI POKEM – TFAR/ FACM and PMGK CLINICAL PHARMACOKINETICS OF TEMOCILLIN: A way to optimize personalized dosing Promotor: Prof. Françoise Van Bambeke Co-promotors: Prof. Laure Elens et Dr Arnaud Capron Related publications : Ngougni Pokem P, Miranda Bastos AC,...
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Sarah PÖTGENS - Thesis defence

Sarah PÖTGENS - Metabolim and Nutrition research group (MNut) Exploration of the Contribution of the Gut Microbiota and its Metabolism to Cancer Cachexia Promotor : Professor Laure Bindels Related publications: Pötgens, S. A., M. Sboarina and L. B. Bindels (2018)....
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Alice de WOUTERS d'OPLINTER - Thesis defence

Alice de WOUTERS d'OPLINTER - Metabolim and Nutrition research group (MNut) Roles of gut microbes in the gut-to-brain axis controlling hedonic/reward responses to food intake in physiological condition and in the pathology of obesity Promotor: Prof. Amandine Everard and co-promotor: Prof....
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Best poster presentation award for Emilie Moens de Hase

Emilie Moens de Hase won last week the « BEST POSTER PRESENTATION AWARD » in the category : “Dietary intake and nutritional policy + gut microbiota” at the 3rd International Conference on Food Bioactives and Health in Parma (Italy). The title of the poster was “Targeting Dysosmobacter...
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Ana Beloqui was awarded the Prix Galien

Ana Beloqui, a researcher at the LDRI, was awarded the Prix Galien on 24 May for her work on the oral administration of peptides. Congratulations to her. Bienvenue - Le Prix Galien ( Based on the observation that many chronic diseases involve the daily injection...
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