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Biodiversity: an emergency

We’ll talk a lot about biodiversity this fall at UCLouvain but from an angle that is not often assumed: focusing on the interactions – we wouldn’t dare write ‘synergies’ – between causes of species decline. A conference awaits that will be well worth attending.  Caroline...
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Anonymous data ... or not!

Personal data are often shared anonymously. But we know that it’s possible to reidentify people. ICTEAM researchers have just developed a model that accurately estimates the probability of a person being correctly identified. The use of the Internet or mobile applications generates...
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Prebiotics in forgotten vegetables

On 12 September, UCLouvain Prof. Nathalie Delzenne presented FOOD4GUT’s conclusions and prospects. An interdisciplinary project funded by the Walloon Region, FOOD4GUT focuses on sustainable development in obesity prevention. After five years of work, it has found the means to propose...
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Mission: satellite data training for ESA

This week, from 16 to 20 September in Louvain-la-Neuve, nearly 100 carefully selected researchers participate in the ‘Advanced Training in Land Remote Sensing’, a training in the exploitation of satellite data acquired by remote sensing. Commissioned by the European Space Agency (ESA),...
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Body signals: sensing and measurement

UCLouvain researchers are shaking up research in psychology. Interoceptive awareness, the ability to feel the inner states involved in emotional experiences, may have been measured a bit too clumsily over the past 30 years. Examining whether particularly ‘interoceptive’ people could...
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