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Artificial intelligence for space exploration

Michael Saint-Guillain, a computer engineering research assistant at UCLouvain’s ICTEAM, didn’t plan on working in the fascinating realm of outer space. And yet, in 2018, while a PhD student, he participated in ‘UCL to Mars’, a unique Mars scientific expedition simulation. It...
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A late antiquity Tuscan villa revealed

For 13 summers, Marco Cavalieri, UCLouvain professor of Roman archaeology and researcher at the Intitute for the study of civilizsations, arts and letters (INCAL), and his team have conducted excavations near the city of San Gimignano in Tuscany. They have gradually revealed a huge villa...
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Big data: cartography the pulsations of a territory

2019 Fellow Award of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI), Isabelle Thomas reflects on her unconventional journey. ‘What fascinates me? Using geo-localised data to understand the space in which we live. I like to observe the regularities and especially the spatial...
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The complex market for green energy

Prof. Anthony Papavasiliou, a specialist in energy algorithms, just received an ERC Starting Grant. His research project, ICEBERG, aims to find ways to integrate the individual consumer into the complex green energy market. About 80% of global energy production is of non-renewable...
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Does everyone benefit from sharing platforms?

Prosecco is the Italian sparkling white wine. PROSEco is a research programme that tries to establish whether the economic model of Airbnb and Uber sharing platforms is sustainable for all stakeholders. The second could be as sparkling as the first! Paul Belleflamme is a professor of...
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