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The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Islam in the contemporary World (CISCOW) aims to promote research on the contemporary dynamics of Islam in relation with political, demographic, social, cultural and economical aspects of everyday life in Muslim countries (Arab States, Asia, South Sahara Africa) and in the North-western hemisphere (Europe, North America), where Islam is now definitely present.

The CISCOW has been created in order to promote research in UCL on the contemporary Islam by enhancing the current research, by relying on it and by converging the existing resources scattered to various departments and disciplines. As a service to the society, it is a way of contributing to explore the facets of these transformations from the point of view of objectivity, peace and dialogue.

CISCOW carries on the tradition of regular seminars, where scholars on Islam from different disciplines come together, expose the results of their research and discuss with their fellow colleagues, to this end. Furthermore, CISCOW invites well-known scholars to deliver public lectures.

CISCOW welcomes occasional papers from his members on his website and seeks collective or personal publications.

CISCOW is a founding member of the online bibliographical network on islam in the contemporary Europe (Eurislam): http://mishal.u-strasbg.fr:9090/doris/jsp/indexS1.jsp