The Center for Demographic Research (DEMO) is part of the IACCHOS Institute (Institute for the Analysis of Change in Contemporary and Historical Societies) and has about forty members.                      

Since 1974, the Centre has been organizing the Quetelet Conference, each year on a different theme. In 2012, the Quetelet Journal was created to publish articles from the Quetelet Conference, and other articles.        

Researchers at the DEMO organize several teaching programs, including a Master's degree in Population and Development Sciences and a Minor.


For specific information, and depending on the purpose of your request, you can contact the following people:

  • Thierry Eggerickx, President of the DEMO Centre, 0032 (0)10/47.29.67
  • Ester Rizzi, Vice-President of the DEMO Centre, 0032 (0)10/
  • Catherine Gourbin, In charge of the master’s program in DEMO, 0032 (0)10/47.41.63
  • Bruno Masquelier, Chairman of the DEMO Council, 0032 (0)10/47.26.17
  • Isabelle Theys, DEMO Secretariat, 0032 (0)10/47.29.51
  • PSAD Student Secretariat, 0032 (0)10 47.41.27