Population and health dynamics in low- and middle-income countries


Health transitions in low- and middle-income countries are among the most important global demographic challenges. DEMO has been conducting research in this field since its inception and has trained many researchers from these countries. DEMO participates in both data collection and analysis, with an increasing emphasis on retrospective surveys and prospective longitudinal studies (HDSS). Ongoing research focuses on the identification of major mortality trends by cause, the relationship between migration and adult mortality, and the links between child mortality and the presence of parents and relatives. This research is based on collaborations with United Nations agencies such as the UN IGME group, with HDSS sites coordinated by INDEPTH Network, and on bilateral collaborations with ISSP (Burkina Faso), ANSD (Senegal), or the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa), among others.

Person in charge: Philippe Bocquier