Nicolas Simon receives the five-year Charles Duvivier prize from the Royal Academy of Belgium


Nicolas Simon, Post-doctoral researcher F.R.S-FNRS at UCLouvain and Visiting Professor at Université Saint-Louis-Bruxelles, has won the five-year Charles Duvivier Prize from The Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium (2013-2017).

The Charles Duvivier Prize (history of Belgian or foreign law, history of political, judicial or administrative institutions in Belgium) rewards here his doctoral thesis entitled Quand légiférer, c’est communiquer. La dynamique de la décision gouvernementale dans les anciens Pays-Bas (1580- 1610) sustained in Saint-Louis on 2017, april 26.

The award ceremony will take place during the public session of the Class Letters to be held Monday, May 14, 2018 at 17h at the Royal Academy.

Published on June 11, 2018