Transferts reception, translation


This research program focuses on the intercultural and multilingual dimension of history and literary studies from socio-historical, comparative and translation perspectives. The projects of this research program examine the relationship between cultural transfer and translation as well as the circulation, transformation and reception of texts and cultural schemata. The projects in progress address several sub-topics in nineteenth and twentieth-century literature. The first explores the multidirectional processes, functions and impacts of translations and transfers within -- and beyond -- the Belgian territory. The second maps the mediating role played by certain cultural agents (translators, writers, author-translators, institutions, periodicals) within cross-border networks. The third studies the reception of Belgian and foreign authors in translation. The questions underpinning this research program involve interculturality, directionality, the success rate of transfers and methodological nationalism.

Members :

Stéphanie Vanasten, Hubert Roland, Svetlana Čečović, Julie Crombois, Laurent Béghin, Besa Hashani, Saskia Vandenbussche, Maud Gonne, Elies Smeyers


 ® Carla Swerts, Seismic Observation #5, oil on paper, 2016