The RSCS Institute is a research community
of more than 150 people (°).

Professors are in charge not only of research but also of teaching, in various disciplines (theology, philosophy, philosophy, History, law, sociology, psychology, art and letters etc).
Scientists, usually appointed in temporary positions, are attached to a specific doctoral or post-doctoral project. Their mandates are funded by different institutional sources. When they are also appointed as "assistants", they also support teaching in various disciplines and departments.
The administrative staff ensures the logistical supervision of all the research activities.
More than 70 PhD candidates  (in theology, religious studies, history, law, philosophy), even if they are not supported by specific grants, make an essential contribution to RSCS research.
The Institute also relies on the expertise and support of external associates who are officially designated to support research as scientific collaborators and volunteer collaborators.
Finally, many visiting professors and researchers are members of the Institute for short and medium-term stays, be they academics or doctoral students.
(°) The main members are said to be "affected". "Affiliate" members are those whose first basic assignment is linked to another institute.

The Board of the RSCS Institute

Professor Olivier Riaudel,
President of the RSCS Institute
Professor Jean-Pascal Gay,
Professor Brigitte Maréchal,
Academic Secretary of the Office
Professor Geert Van Oyen,
Representative of the Centers
Professor Arnaud Join-Lambert,
President of the Belgian Catholic Archives
Mrs Christine Platteau,





Permanent invited members

Professor Benoît Bourgine,
President of the Doctorate Commission in Theology,
Professor Walter Lesch,
President of the Doctoral Commission in the Study of Religions
Mrs Isabelle Petit

Past Presidents

Professor Walter Lesch (2021)
Professor Geert Van Oyen (2019-2021)
Professor Louis-Léon Christians (2012-2018)
Professor Jean-Pierre Delville (2010-2012)
Professor Eric Gaziaux (2009)