COVID information for international students

Welcome international students! Thank you for choosing UCLouvain.

Coming to Belgium and UCLouvain is certainly a challenge this year, but we will keep you as informed as possible in order to ensure your smooth arrival. Additional information concerning your programme will come directly from your faculty. Rest assured that UCLouvain is by your side.

Please note: the information mentioned also concerns international researchers arriving at the UCLouvain.

Your arrival in Belgium

All individuals arriving in or returning to Belgium are required to complete the « Public Health Passenger Locator Form » within the 48 hours prior to their arrival.

Additional regulations apply depending on the country from which you departed. The Belgian government uses a colour code in which countries range from green to red, thus indicating any action you need to take upon arrival in Belgium. Check the updated colour coded list of countries on the Belgian Foreign Affairs website (scroll down to ‘You are returning from…’).

Stay informed concerning the pandemic’s status in Belgium by frequently viewing or

Your arrival at UCLouvain

  • Arrival form

In order to receive you as efficiently as possible, we need to have some information about your arrival. Please complete this arrival form at UCLouvain. Thank you!

  • Money

As it may be difficult for you to open a bank account quickly, we strongly recommend that you bring cash in euros to cover your initial settling-in costs.

  • Health measures

All students and researchers who come to UCLouvain must comply with Belgian rules and regulations. Whatever your situation, it is important to follow the travel advice and to respect the rules of hygiene and distance.

If you come from a non-EU area or an EU area classified red, you must

  • present a negative test result at the earliest 72 hours before departure to Belgian territory.
  • respect a quarantine period of 10 days upon arrival in Belgium and have yourself tested a first time as soon as possible and a second time on the 7th day. You should receive by SMS a 16-character code, after having filled in the Passenger Location Form, which allows you to go to a testing centre for these tests, without going through a general practitioner.

During this quarantine period :

  • Outings are only allowed for the following essential movements: emergency visit to a general practitioner for medical care, purchase of basic necessities (food & medicines) or for urgent legal/financial matters. If you are leaving your accommodation for any of these reasons, please respect the distance of 1.5m and wear a mouth mask.
  • It is forbidden to go to school or to work.
  • Visits from outsiders are not allowed. Avoid contact with other people. Always keep a distance of 1.5m.
  • Avoid using public transport. Take a taxi from the airport when you arrive.

Most of the procedures related to registration, health insurance and domiciliation can be started online. It is requested that you wait until the end of your forties to go to the site.

If you present symptoms (fever, dry cough, fatigue), isolate yourself and call a doctor or send your telephone number to This service will call you back to give medical advice over the phone.

  • Accommodation

In light of the above requirements, we strongly recommend that you secure permanent accommodation prior to arrival or ensure that you have a place to stay during the mandatory quarantine period (10 days). This is compulsory for all persons subject to case 3.

You can search for accommodation using the Logistics and Student Accommodation Service (LOGE) website. Check also the "Alternatives to UCLouvain accommodation" webpage.

For accommodation questions, do not hesitate to contact the Logistics and Student Accommodation Service (LOGE) on your campus. As UCLouvain housing stock is practically full, we very likely do not have a solution to offer students who have not found accommodation before their arrival.

  • Municipal registration

For the Louvain-la-Neuve campus, a ‘Special COVID’ procedure has been implemented in collaboration with Louvain-la-Neuve municipal authorities for all international students. You can prepare your documents and email them to
Actual registration will take place by appointment at the municipality (‘la commune’) after your quarantine.

Scanned attachments to your email must include: passport and visa for non-EU, passport or national identification card for EU students; completed municipality registration form ; accommodation lease. Non-EU students must attach proof of funding for tuition and health care coverage valid on Belgian territory. Exchange students must attach their enrolment authorisation. All students must bring two passport photos and €10 to their appointment at the municipality.

For the Brussels-Woluwe campus, make an appointment on the Woluwe-Saint-Lambert municipal administration website (French only).
For the Mons campus, follow the instructions sent by the Administrative Support Department for Faculties and Institutes (SAFI).
For the Tournai campus, follow the instructions sent by the LOCI secretariat.
For the Brussels-Saint-Gilles campus, consult the Saint-Gilles municipal administration website. You can make an appointment with the Civil Status, Population and Foreigners Department (‘Etat civil, Population et Etrangers’) via the Irisbox platform (under ‘Services’, click ‘Appointments’; under ‘Administration’, click ‘A.C. Saint-Gilles’; under ‘Department’, click ‘ETRANGERS’; under ‘Procedure’).

  • Mutual health insurance

  • If you are an EU citizen, you are not required to subscribe to a mutual health insurance agency if you present proof of coverage from your home country.
  • If you benefit from a scholarship whose funding body provides partial coverage, you are encouraged to register with a mutual health insurance agency, but this is not an obligation.
  • If you are not an EU citizen, you are required to register with a mutual health insurance agency.

Most mutual health insurance agencies offer online registration.

► Register with a health insurance agency.

  • Banking

You can make an appointment online to open a bank account.

► See our Banks/Payments page.


You are still looking for information ? Visit the « International Student » FAQ and the more general page dedicated to students