Funding eligibility


Any application for enrolment must meet the admission requirements but must also be declared financeable in accordance with the decree of 11 April 2014 adapting the financing of higher education institutions to the new organization of studies.

It is the Enrolment office that has the competence to verify this criterion. Nevertheless, this verification can only be done on the basis of a complete file introduced according to the procedures defined by the Registration Service, through a regular registration or re-registration procedure.

Once these modalities have been completed, the Enrolment office informs the student candidates of its decision based on the jurisprudence of this subject.

As a result, the Enrollment Service does not answer on specific case outside these two procedures.

You will find a complete and official version of the decree relating to the financing of higher education in the French Community of Belgium on the Gallilex website

For your conveniance, you will find on this page an extract of this decree  accompanied each time by an illustrative example. Because of the legal implications of this text, those examples are only available in french.