What is "Belgian student status"?


‘Belgian student status’ is conferred on those who are not Belgian nationals but are legally recognized as having the rights of a Belgian student. To hold Belgian student status you must meet the following criteria. The ? icon will inform you about the required documents you will need to validate this statut during your enrolment/admission ::

- Copy of a valid EU nationals' ID (‘assimilation 0’)

  • You are an EU national;


- Copy of your ‘long-term resident permit’ (permit D)
- Foreigner identification permit/unlimited right of residence permit (permit B or )
- EU citizen family member’s residence permit (permit F) (‘assimilation 1’);

- For a refugee status candidate: copy of Annexe 26; (permit D)
- For a refugee: copy of refugee permit, recent household composition certificate, or recent residence certificate and birth certificate;
- For a stateless person: Belgian commune or Foreigners Office official document proving statelessness;
- For people under subsidiary protection: one-year renewable certificate of registration in the Belgian foreigners registry, Foreigners Office decision proving subsidiary protection status, or a minimum one-year residence permit (‘assimilation 2’);

- Recent household composition certificate
- Six month pay slips from the 12 preceding months enrolment and proving your salary equals at least half the guaranteed average minimum gross monthly salary established by CNT,
- A recent copy of your identification card (‘assimilation 3’);

DOCUMENTS NEEDED : A recent CPAS certificate (‘assimilation 4’)

- Copy of valid identification card (permit F or permit F+) and/or documents requested for the student to adapt for the person concerned
- Legal cohabitation must be justified by a certificate from the communal administration and the legal guardianship by a guardianship decision
(NB: age of majority can differ per nationality) (‘assimilation 5’);

-Scholarship certificate from the French Community of Belgium or Belgian Development Cooperation (‘assimilation 6’) - Foreigner identification permit/unlimited right of residence permit (permit B or C)

- Long-term resident’ certificate of the EU country

- A copy of your resident permit in Belgium (assimilation 7).

  • you have unlimited right of residence or long-term residence status in Belgium
  • you are a candidate for or have refugee status, are stateless or have been granted subsidiary protection;
  • you have a residency permit of more than three months and receive professional or other revenue;
  • you are a recipient of the CPAS (Centre public d'action social), or live in a CPAS subsidized home or are represented by the CPAS;
  • your father, mother, legal guardian, spouse or legal cohabitant is a national of an EU member state or meets one of the four preceding criteria;
  • you have a scholarship cited in Article 105 § 2 of the 7 November 2013 French Community of Belgium Decree;
  • you are a long-term resident of another EU country.