What is "Belgian student status"?


‘Belgian student status’ is conferred on those who are not Belgian nationals but are legally recognized as having the rights of a Belgian student. To hold Belgian student status you must meet the following criteria. The ? icon will inform you about the required documents you will need to validate this statut during your enrolment/admission :

  • You are an EU national;

Une copie de la carte d’identité valide (ou certificat de nationalité récent). (assimilation 0)


  • you have unlimited right of residence or long-term residence status in Belgium
    - Certificate of registration in foreigners register/unlimited stay (B card)
    -Foreigner’s identity card/unlimited right of residence (C card)
    -Long-term resident (D card)
    • EU citizen family member residence (F card)
    -EU citizen family member permanent residence (F+ card)

    Attention: a one-year A card is not considered a long-term residence permit(‘assimilation 1’);

  • you are a candidate for or have refugee status, are stateless or have been granted subsidiary protection;
    -Student applying for refugee status or stateless person: copy of Annex 25 or 26 completed by the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons and ‘orange card’ registration certificate. Attention: orange card must be recent or recently renewed
    -Refugee student: copy of both sides of B card (card back reads ‘refugee’)
    -Student under subsidiary protection: copy of both sides of A card or B card and Immigration Office decision proving subsidiary protection (‘assimilation 2’);

  • you have a residency permit of more than three months and receive professional or other revenue;
    -Copy of both sides of residence permit valid for more than three months AND
    -Professional activity: six pay stubs issued in the 12 months preceding university application OR
    -Replacement income: proof of receipt of unemployment benefits, pension or health insurance compensation
    (‘assimilation 3’);

  • you are a recipient of the CPAS (Centre public d'action social), or live in a CPAS subsidized home or are represented by the CPAS;
  • DOCUMENTS NEEDED : A recent CPAS certificate (‘assimilation 4’)

  • your father, mother, legal guardian, spouse or legal cohabitant is an EU member state national or fulfils one of the above qualifications (1 to 4)
    Documentation proving the person’s qualification (1 to 4) AND relationship to student:
    -Father/Mother: copy of official act proving parentage: household composition or student birth certificate
    -Spouse: marriage certificate legalised by Belgian embassy or consulate in country of origin, or issued by municipality if marriage certificate signed on Belgian territory; if you live in Belgium, recent household composition certificate
    -Legal guardian: guardianship act legalised by Belgian embassy or consulate in country of origin, or issued by competent Belgian authorities if act signed on Belgian territory
    Note: age of majority may vary according to nationality
    Legal cohabitant: certificate of legal cohabitation issued by the municipality
    (‘assimilation 5’);

  • You benefit from a Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles or Development Cooperation scholarship
    -Copy of scholarship award certificate from competent body (example: Federation Scholarship Department, ARES Development Cooperation, etc.

  • you are a long-term resident of another EU country.
    -Copy of both sides of identity document proving long-term residence in other EU member state
    -Copy of both sides of Belgium residence permit (assimilation 7).