2018-19 enrolment closes on 30 September

Enrolment for 2018-19 closes on Sunday 30 september. New web pages have been created to facilitate enrolment and re-enrolment.

Enrolment procedures are not always simple. They vary in particular because of student nationality, where students earned their degree, and the chosen course. For example, limited enrolment courses (physiotherapy, speech therapy, medicine, etc.) require special enrolment procedures, which may seem complex.

To clarify this for both Belgian and international students, the UCL Enrolment Office devised a new procedure using a decision tree: students introduce their nationality, where they earned their prior degree, and UCL course, and the information corresponding to the resulting profile is immediately presented. Students then follow step by step enrolment instructions. Re-enrolment procedures are presented in the same way. Everything is in French and English.

While the page structure has been changed, the information hierarchy has been revised, the text has been simplified and graphic elements have been added. The pages have thus gained clarity and the (future) student, even neophyte, should find it much easier.

Discover the pages at https://uclouvain.be/en/study/inscriptions/futurs-etudiants.html.

Published on June 26, 2018