UCLouvain courses are top-notch

Our universities are excellent! The latest QS 2020 subject rankings prove it: several UCLouvain courses are among the world’s best. At the top: pharmacy and pharmacology (49th), classical and ancient history (36th), and theology (12th). Those ranked in the 51-100 bracket: archaeology, development, economics, geography, computer science, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, sport, and statistics. And in the 101-150 range: agriculture, architecture, law, international studies, modern languages, medicine, materials science, and sociology. Be proud!

The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020 examined 48 disciplines across five categories. Results are based on research citations and reputation as perceived by employers and academics, on a worldwide scale.

In the Life Sciences and Medicine category, UCLouvain ranks 118th. Specifically, pharmacy and pharmacology ranks 49th, psychology is in the 51-100 range, and agriculture and forestry as well as medicine are in the 101-150 range.

In Arts and Humanities (113th overall), theology ranks 12th, classical and ancient history 36th, archaeology, linguistics and philosophy are in the 51-100 range, and architecture and modern languages are in the 101-150 range.

In Engineering and Technology (169th), computer and information sciences are in the 51-100 range, and electrical and electronics engineering as well as mechanical and aeronautical engineering are in the 151-200 range.

In Natural Sciences (167th), geography is in the 51-100 range, mathematics and materials sciences 101-150, and chemistry, physics and astronomy, and environmental sciences 151-200.

Finally, in Social Sciences and Management (104th), economics and econometrics, development sciences, statistics and operational research, and subjects related to sport are in the 51-100 range, and business and management, law, politics and international studies, and sociology are in the 101-150 range.


Published on March 18, 2020