Towards autonomous adaptation for broadcasting algorithms in MANETs by Raziel carjaval (UCL/INGI)


13 octobre 2017

12:00 pm


Shannon Room Maxwell Building a. 105

Broadcast is a fundamental operation in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs). A
large variety of broadcast algorithms have been proposed to maximize coverage,
deal with mobility and with the amount of neighbors within the communication
area of each node, known as density. According to our recent study, we observe
that the best algorithm for a given network with high density where nodes
remain static, is not necessarily the most appropriate for a different situation
such as a sparse and mobile network. Choosing a broadcast algorithm for MANETs
is a daunting task, on the contrary, we believe that the selection of an
algorithm driven by the network dynamics can result in an improvement on its

In this talk, I present our ongoing work towards the definition and evaluation of
interoperability and adaptation techniques for broadcast in MANETs.
Interoperability refers to the ability of two systems that use different
protocols to cooperate. Adaptation refers to the ability for a system to
dynamically select at runtime the best configuration or best protocol to use.
Currently, we do have an adaptation mechanism that guarantees message
dissemination in a heterogeneous network, where nodes do not necessarily run
the same broadcast algorithm; preliminary results on this regard will be show
as well. My presentation will conclude with the current challenges we face in
the definition of adaptation rules to detect, with local knowledge only, when to
replace the algorithm that is currently in execution.

Raziel Carvajal-Gómez recently joined the department of Computing Science and
Engineering ICTEAM/INGI of the Université catholique de Louvain as PhD
candidate and teaching assistant, under the direction of Prof. Etienne Rivière.
Raziel worked for over 4 years as research engineer, experience acquired in
France at the University of Nantes and Inria Rennes, respectively. His main
research interests are overlay-based systems and interoperability in
distributed algorithms. He holds a Master of Science in Information Technology
from the Metropolitan Autonomous University, one of the three major
Universities in Mexico.