Macroeconomics Lunch Seminar


The Macroeconomics Lunch Seminar is an informal forum where researchers present their work in progress in details and receive criticism and feedback from colleagues. Presentations on the blackboard are also welcome. PhD students entering the job market this year are strongly encouraged to present their job market paper.

The Macro Group provides sandwiches. Whether you would like a sandwich or not, please register by the Friday before the meeting at

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Zainab Iftikhar (

Luca Pensieroso (


Meetings are in room d350, from 12:45 to 13:50

Programme - 2017-2018

FALL 2017

September 19th: Rigas Oikonomou, Title; Union Debt Management

October 3rd: Andras Gregor, Title; Public under plurality and proportional electoral systems - Evidence from Hungarian municipalities

October 17th: Guzmán Ourens, Title Uneven growth in the extensive margin: explaining the lag of agricultural economies, IRES, UClouvain

October 31st: Michal Burzynski, Title; Economic Impact of Selection and Sorting of Mexican immigration to the US

November 14th: Gonzague Vannoorenberghe, Measuring within-country income inequality using international trade data, IRES, UClouvain

November 21st: Panos Chasapopoulos, Title: Immigraton and electoral support for the radical right: Evidence from Dutch municipalities, Tilburg University, Nethrelands

November 28th: Adam Levai (IRES), Access to Justice and Economic Development. Universite catholique de louvain

December 12th: Mery Ferrando (CORE), Intra-household allocation with public goods. Universite catholique de louvain

December 19th: Zainab Iftikhar (IRES), Brain drain, informality and inequality between skill groups: A search and match model foe Sub-Saharan Africa. Universite catholique de Louvain

January 16th: Pascal Pierre Marie (EUI), Non-Parental Transmission and the intergenerational mobility of Immigrants.

January 30th: Gert Peersman (University of Ghent), TBA