IRES Lunch Seminar

The Macroeconomics Lunch Seminar is an informal forum where researchers present their work in progress in details and receive criticism and feedback from colleagues. Presentations on the blackboard are also welcome. PhD students entering the job market this year are strongly encouraged to present their job market paper.

The Macro Group provides sandwiches. Whether you would like a sandwich or not, please register by the Friday before the meeting at

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Meetings are in room d350, from 12:45 to 13:50

Programme - 2017-2018


Programme Spring 2018

February 13th: Bright Isaac, “Endogenous Migration in a Two-Country General-Equilibrium Model with Labor Market Frictions” Visiting Scholar IRES, from La Sapienza University, Rome

February 20th: Pauline Morault, "Arranged Marriages under Transferable Utilities" Aix-Marseille School of Economics, Aix-Marseille University ATER - Sciences Po Paris, Department of Economics

February 27th: Eric Roca Fernandez,  “If Children Suffer when Mothers Work, Do Women Work Less?” IRES

March 13th: Annalisa Frigo, IRES,  "For Children's Sake: Intergenerational Altruism and Parental Migration Intentions".

March 20th (Work in Progress session):

Leo Czajka, IRES,  "Taxpayers' behaviors in a low income country" and Charles de Beauffort, IRES "Optimal fiscal and monetary policy under learning".

March 27th: Romanos Priftis, Bank of Canada,  "The Macroeconomic Effects of QE in the Euro area: evidence from an estimated DSGE mode".

April 17th: Julian Hinz,Kiel Institute for the World Economy, "Friendly fire: the trade impact of the Russia sanctions and counter-sanctions”.

April 24th: Pierpaolo Parrotta , ICN Business School, Nancy,  "Local government and innovation: The case of Italian provinces".

May 8th: Fabio Blasutto, IRES, "Marriage versus Cohabitation: Mating strategies by education in United States".

May 15h: Patrick Arni, Bristol University,  "Are Weak Ties Strong? How Information on Social Search Affects Job Finding".

May 29: Kevin: Genna Kevin, AMSE Marseille,  "The role of Elasticity of Substitution in an endogenous growth model of structural change".

June 5th: Dalal Moosa, IRES, "Constrained gazelles: Understanding formal and informal MSEs in Morocco

June 19th: Bruno Van der Linden, IRES, "Natural resources, (un)employment and working time"