IRES Discussion Papers


The IRES Discussion Paper series facilitates the dissemination of research by IRES staff members and extramural fellows. Before January 2009, the series include Discussion Papers authored by all members of the Department of Economics. Since 2009, the series is limited to IRES staff members and extramural fellows. The papers are available in electronic version. If you have problem downloading the files, please contact Anne Davister-Logist 

Below are listed the papers of the current year. For previous years, visit the archives page. Alternatively, you can also find our discussion papers on RePEC or in our institutional repository DIAL.


N°4  Guzman OURENS
The long-term impact of trade with firm heterogeneity

N°3  Giorgio FABBRI and Francesco RUSSO
HJB equations in infinite dimension and optimal control of stochastic evolution equations via generalized Fukushima decomposition

Imperfect Monitoring of Job Search: Structural Estimation and Policy Design

N°1  David de la CROIX, Eric B. SCHNEIDER and Jacob WEISDORF
"Decessit sine prole" Childlessness, Celibacy, and Survival of the Richest in Pre-Industrial England


N°33  Michel DE VROEY
Bibliometric versus Inside-Knowledge History?
An Assessment of Claveau and Gingras’s “Macrodynamics of Economics: A Bibliometric History”

N°32  Michel DE VROEY
A Review of James Forder, Macroeconomics and the Phillips Curve Myth, Oxford University Press, 2014

Treatment-Effect Identification Without Parallel Paths:
An illustration in the case of Objective 1 - Hainaut/Belgium, 1994 - 2006

The Productivity Challenge: What to expect from better-quality labour and capital inputs?

N°29  Thu Hien DAO, Frédéric DOCQUIER, Chris PARSONS and Giovanni PERI
Migration and Development: Dissecting the Anatomy of the Mobility Transition

N°28  Frédéric DOCQUIER, Riccardo TURATI, Jérôme VALETTE and Chrysovalantis VASILAKIS
Multiculturalism and Growth: Skill-Specific Evidence from the Post-World War II Period

N°27  Florian MAYNERIS, Sandra PONCET and Tao ZHANG
Improving or Disappearing: Firm-Level Adjustments to Minimum Wages in China

N°26  Michel DE VROEY and Luca PENSIEROSO
The Rise of a Mainstream in Economics

N°25   Dylan GLOVER, Amanda PALLAIS and William PARIENTE
Discrimination as a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Evidence from French Grocery Stores

N°24    Fabio MARIANI, Marion MERCIER and Thierry VERDIER
Diasporas and Conflict

N°23   Bastien CHABE-FERRET
Adherence to Cultural Norms and Economic Incentives: Evidence from Fertility Timing Decisions

N°22   Anna BATYRA, David de la CROIX, Olivier PIERRARD and Henri SNEESSENS
Structural changes in the labor market and the rise of early retirement in Europe

N°21    Robert STELTER
Fertility and health insurance types in Germany

N°20   Thomas BAUDIN and Robert STELTER
Rural exodus and fertility at the time of industrialization

N°19     Bart COCKX and Eva VAN BELLE
Waiting Longer Before Claiming and Activating Youth. No Point?

N°18    Hamzeh ARABZADEH
Foreign Aid, Public Investment and Capital Market Liberalization

N°17    Hamzeh ARABZADEH
The political economy of twin deficits and wage setting centralization

N°16    Bastien CHABÉ-FERRET, Joël MACHADO and Jackline WAHBA
Return Plans and Migrants' Behavior

N°15    Glenn RAYP, Ilse RUYSSEN and Samuel STANDAERT
Measuring and Explaining Cross-Country Immigration Policies

N°14    Sandra BRÉE and David de la CROIX
Key Forces Behind the Decline of Fertility: Lessons from Childlessness in Rouen before the Industrial Revolution

N°13    Samuel DANTHINE and Michel DE VROEY
The Integration of Search in Macroeconomics: Interviews with David Andolfatto, Peter Diamond and Monika Merz

N°12    Samuel DANTHINE and Michel DE VROEY
The Integration of Search in Macroeconomics: Two Alternative Paths

N°11   Giorgio FABBRI and Francesco RUSSO
Infinite dimensional weak Dirichlet processes and convolution type processes

N°10   Lucia GRANELLI
Tax Policy in a Model with Endogenous Fertility à la Barro-Becker

N°9    David de la CROIX, Mathias DOEPKE and Joel MOKYR
Clans, Guilds and Markets: Apprenticeship Institutions and Growth in the Pre-Industrial Economy

N°8    Marc GERMAIN
Un modèle de décroissance optimale

N°7   David de la CROIX and Faustine PERRIN
French Fertility and Education Transition: Rational Choice vs. Cultural Diffusion

Unemployment Insurance with Limited Commitment Wage Contracts and Savings

N°5   Hafedh BOUAKEZ, Rigas OIKONOMOU and Romanos PRIFTIS
Optimal Debt Management in a Liquidity Trap

Inheritance Systems and the Dynamics of State Capacity in Medieval Europe

N°3   David de la CROIX and Paula E. GOBBI
Population Density, Fertility and Demographic Convergence in Developing Countries

N°2    Anaïs PERILLEUX and Marthe NYSSENS
Understanding Cooperative Finance as a New Common

Are financial cooperatives crowded out by commercial banks in the process of financial sector development?