UCLouvain Alumni is the community of UCLouvain graduates.

Its ambition: to create and maintain a constant link between alumni and their Alma Mater. The university wants to participate in building a learning society.

How? By stimulating a lasting intellectual, emotional and professional relationship between alumni worldwide and the university.

From this perspective, UCLouvain aims to :

  • promote interaction between alumni and the university ;
  • organise, support and promote events with privileged access ;
  • bring alumni face to face ;
  • invigorate our community of 150,000 alumni through networking.

Integrating alumni into the UCLouvain network enables UCLouvain to know them better and thus :

keep them better informed ;

communicate about them more effectively ;

inspire them to invest in the university.

Alumni are invited to download the UCLouvain app. They can use it to find jobs, post offers, read news, learn about events and register for activities.

UCLouvain sends an email with alumni news and information to all recent graduates. If you do not receive an email or if you have questions, please contact Communication Assistant Dorothée Jacquet.

The team

The Louvain Alumni team is part of the External Relations and Communication Department (AREC). The team, led by Prof. Alain Vas, Vice-Rector of UCLouvain in Hainaut Province, is composed of :

Caroline Roisin, Louvain Alumni Project Officer;

Dorothée Jacquet, Communication Assistant;

Isabelle Lermuseau, Head of External Relations, Events and Alumni (AREX);

CRM team, responsible for the Louvain Alumni Directory.

Within the Louvain Foundation, alumni relations are coordinated by Hélène de Brouwer.

Academic associations

Academic associations bring together graduates who studied in similar fields, regardless of graduation year, according to school, discipline, master’s or bachelor’s degree. There are many, and they help maintain links between graduates of similar courses.

Being a member of an academic association means meeting with fellow graduates year after year. It is an opportunity to share special moments, whatever the path taken after graduation.

Regional associations

Regional associations bring together alumni on a geographical basis. They are coordinated by the Alumni and Friends of UCLouvain (AUL).

There are regional associations in Brabant wallon Province, Brussels, Hainaut Province, Chimay, Famenne, Huy-Waremme, Mons and Namur. Each brings together a vibrant community.

Joining an association is a mark of recognition, an affirmation of one's pride in being a former UCLouvain student. It means affirming UCLouvain values and building relationships on a daily basis.

International Alumni Chapters

A chapter is a group of UCLouvain alumni in a foreign country, region or city. Any person who has had a UCLouvain experience and lives abroad can be part of a chapter.

Today, three chapters have been created: Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Rabat (Morocco). Chili and Luxembourg will soon have opening ceremonies.