Alumni Louvain is dedicated to creating and maintaining a constant link between UCL graduates and their alma mater, to nurture and perpetuate a strong relationship between the university and its alumni in their personal and professional lives.

With this in mind, UCL is keen to:

  • offer its graduates a broad range of services and benefits;
  • encourage and foster interaction between graduates and their university;
  • organise, support and promote events exclusively for its graduates;
  • promote its graduates by revealing who they are and the multitude and diversity of their profiles and stories;
  • keep alive and vibrant a community of 150,000 graduates via numerous networks.

By genuinely and permanently integrating, remaining close to and staying in constant dialogue with its alumni, UCL learns more about them, keeps them better informed and lets the world know what they’re up to – and, of course, inspires them to give back to their university.

Alumni Louvain : Be part of the tribe !