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LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons


Research Seminar by Panikos GEORGALLIS

Research Seminar by Panikos GEORGALLIS, Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam    Not all those who wander are lost: Jurisdiction shopping and foreign entry in policy supported industries We investigate how industry-specific policy support influences firms’ foreign...
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Informal Research Presentation - Kamila MOULAÏ

  LouRIM internal and informal research presentation series   Kamila MOULAÏ (LouRIM) will present her research to the comments of her colleagues. A sandwich is offered to participants. To register and order your sandwich please fill in this...
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Workshop - Valider le modèle économique de votre PhD

  L’objectif de ce workshop est de valider le modèle économique de votre PhD, à savoir les principes selon lesquels vous allez créer, délivrer et capturer de la valeur durant votre doctorat !   Nathalie GUILMOT (Engine) & Marine FALIZE (ICHEC)
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Research Seminar by Lovasoa RAMBOARISATA

  Research Seminar by Prof. Lovasoa RAMBOARISATA, Université du Québec à Montréal    "CSR Teaching" For the last two decades, the teaching of Ethics, Corporate social responsibility, and Sustainability (ECS) has hiked. That development has been part of the...
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LouRIM - CERMA Event

Research Seminar by Prof. Tom MEYVIS

  Research Seminar by Prof. Tom MEYVIS, NYU Stern   More information will come soon  
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