After admission - Information on the main stages of the PhD


The PhD... A whole programme, in a few words!

Throughout your PhD, you will be supported and monitored by a team that will help you to complete your project, both administratively and scientifically.
You will also have certain obligations and steps to follow.

Find out all about this in these pages, but also in detail in the "PhD Vademecum".

After registration with the Enrolment Service - The first steps (activating the UCLouvain account, requesting the access card, the virtual office, obtaining a registration certificate, etc.).
Intranet access, after identification!

Throughout the doctorate - Steps not to forget!
Doctoral training - How does it work?
Doctoral training - What is it? Where to find the offer?
Thesis defense - First method, in two steps
Thesis defense - Second method, in the same time frame
The conduct of the thesis defences