To welcome the many international students, the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences relies on many assets, including the welcome, flexibility and quality of the training. Discover its strong points for exchange students:

  • Quality teaching. Adapted and constantly evolving teaching methods, attention to job opportunities and continuity of training throughout the student's career are at the heart of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences' concerns. An annual evaluation system of the teaching by the students themselves is used to continuously improve the teaching methods and content taught.

  • A diversified course offer. The course offer within the Faculty, directly linked to the problems of society, covers fields as varied as :
    • neuropsychology
    • social and organisational psychology
    • developmental and educational psychology
    • clinical and health psychology
    • speech therapy
    • family sciences and sexology
    • educational sciences.
    • Catalogue of programmes
  • Leading-edge research. The professors of the faculty are top researchers who are recognised for their scientific qualities at national and international level. The research institutes in which the professors carry out their research are leading institutes in a range of scientific fields. Research internships for master's students exist in several fields within the Institute for Research in Psychological Sciences.
  • A personal welcome. UCL has an "International desk" to welcome foreign students and the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences offers a warm and personal welcome to its newcomers. The objectives? To ensure that they have all the necessary information on student life at UCL, that they have completed all the necessary procedures to ensure the success of their study stay, and that they are well integrated into the student networks. An information session at the beginning of their stay allows them to meet the international staff and students and to ask any useful questions.
  • Free French lessons all year round for exchange students. Quick progress guaranteed to make it easier to follow the courses given in French and to add a string to your bow in terms of language skills!
  • Courses and course materials in English. The professors of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences give their courses in French, but most of them use English course materials such as portfolios of scientific articles, reference books or slides. Courses in English are available in the Master in Psychology programme. The list of courses in English is available.
  • Access to the resources of the faculty and the university, including libraries, the test library or computer rooms.
  • Human support. The professors of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences are available and attentive to students. The relationship between professors and students takes place in a friendly atmosphere of mutual respect. Various initiatives testify to this atmosphere, such as the Revue Psycho, a play produced by the students to parody the professors, the Psyrou, a small newspaper published by the students containing articles centred on anecdotes from the life of the faculty, or the sports meetings between students and professors.
  • Extra-curricular activities all year round.  Numerous cultural and sporting activities are organised for exchange students by various project kots and student associations.