(Future) PhD Student


Welcome to the pages of the Domain Doctoral Commission (CDD) in psychological and educational sciences, including speech therapy, family sciences and sexology!

Are you thinking of starting a PhD?
Here you will find all the useful information you need to know before your admission and throughout your doctoral studies.

Don't forget that the role of the CDD is not limited to validating the stages of the doctoral pathway, reminding you of deadlines and ensuring compliance with the regulations in force...
One of its main tasks is also to support you throughout your doctoral studies.
Don't wait to contact the CDD, via one of its members, if you encounter any difficulties during your doctoral studies.
The CDD will provide help, a listening ear, confidentiality and follow-up!

All updated information about the PhD, forms, dates of the CDD meetings... are exclusively available on these pages.
You are invited to consult these pages, and only these pages, to find answers to questions related to the doctoral programme.