General information


Each year, UCL awards qualifications to almost 5000 students (2nd and 3rd levels, doctorates and agrégations), who will go on to swell the ranks of the 130,000 former students who today are working and travelling the world. In September 2004, more than 21,000 students enrolled at UCL. They are studying around one hundred different subjects. The air is buzzing with their ideas, their projects are taking shape, they meet up and bring life to the streets of our university in Louvain-la Neuve and Brussels.

  • In September 2005, more than 2600 students started the first year of their baccalaureate. They found the information that convinced them to study at UCL on the pages "Rhétos".
  • Students of 120 nationalities opted for UCL to study for part of their programme, as exchange students for half a year or a year or as normal students. Nearly 4000 students contribute to the rich tapestry of our university. Information regarding students can be found on the pages " International student".
  • Each year, hundreds of students from the "Hautes écoles" continue their training at UCL. They benefit from an easy access to 2nd programme courses, thanks to the many conversion courses put in place with their needs in mind.

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