Les ARC de l'UCL

8 ARC financées ou cofinancées en 2019 à l'UCLouvain

  1. A mixed‐method and multidisciplinary approach to sociocognitive conflicts in online educational platforms (MOOCresearch2.0)          
    Prof. Magali Paquot (UCLouvain/SSH/ILC), porte-parole, Mariane Frenay (UCLouvain/SSH/IPSY), François Lambotte (UCLouvain/SSH/ILC), Valérie Swaen (UCLouvain/SSH/LRIM)
  2. Exploring the roles of cytokines to identify new therapeutic targets for systemic autoimmune diseases SLE and SSc (CYTAID)      
    Prof. Sophie Lucas (UCLouvain/SSS/DDUV), porte-parole, Laure Dumoutier (UCLouvain/SSS/DDUV), François Huaux (UCLouvain/SSS/IREC), Bernard Lauwerys (UCLouvain/SSS/IREC), Nisha Limaye (UCLouvain/SSS/DDUV), Thomas Michiels (UCLouvain/SSS/DDUV)
  3. Gravitational Wave Science (GWAS)         
    Prof. Giacomo Bruno (UCLouvain/SST/IRMP), porte-parole, Jean-René Cudell (ULiège/SST), Christophe Collette (ULiège/SST), Christophe Ringeval (UCLouvain/SST/IRMP)
  4. Surface Enhanced Spectroscopy by Second-Principles Calculations (SURFASCOPE)          
    Prof. Xavier Gonze (UCLouvain/SST/IMCN), porte-parole, Gian-Marco Rignanese (UCLouvain/SST/IMCN), Luc Henrard (UNamur/SST), Vincent Liégeois (UNamur/SST)
  5. Parental burnout and its consequences on children: Towards an integrated and multilevel approach (BParent)  
    Prof. Isabelle Roskam (UCLouvain/SSH/IPSY), porte-parole, Alexandre Heeren (UCLouvain/SSH/IPSY-SSS/IoNS), Isabelle Aujoulat (UCLouvain/SSS/IRSS), Aurore François (UCLouvain/SSH/IACS), Moïra Mikolajczak (UCLouvain/SSH/IPSY)
  6. The roles of diet-, microbiota- and adipocyte-derived lipids in cancer progression (LIPOCAN)     
    Prof. Olivier Feron (UCLouvain/SSS/IREC), porte-parole, Laure Bindels (UCLouvain/SSS/LDRI), Patrice Cani (UCLouvain/SSS/LDRI), Bénédicte Jordan (UCLouvain/SSS/LDRI), Yvan Larondelle (UCLouvain/SST/IBST)
  7. Unveiling Nature’s 3D bio-blueprints of complex biological tissues by deep learning-supported high-resolution contrast-enhanced microCT (Bio-blueprints)  
    Prof. Greet Kerckhofs (UCLouvain/SST/IMMC), porte-parole, Christophe De Vleeschouwer (UCLouvain/SST/ICTM), Benoît Lengelé (UCLouvain/SSS/IREC)
  8. Competition, Operations and Regulation of Sharing Economy Platforms (CORSEP)           
    Prof. Paul Belleflamme (UCLouvain/SSH/LDAM), porte-parole, Aadhaar Chaturvedi (UNamur/SSH), Philippe Chevalier (UCLouvain/SSH/LDAM), Johannes Johnen (UCLouvain/SST/LDAM), Anaïs Périlleux (UCLouvain/SSH/LDAM), Anne-Lise Sibony (UCLouvain/SSH/JURI), Alain Strowel (UCLouvain/SSH/JURI), Jean-Sébastien Tancrez (UCLouvain/SSH/LDAM)