Essential Oils




OILPROTECT- use of essential oil as insecticides for grain storage

Cereals harvested in fields are stored for long months in silos before being used for human and livestock consumption. During this period, these cereals are potential food resources for many insects, which can lead to 10-30% losses in silos. Consequently, many insecticides have been developed on the market to overcome this problem. Even though the molecules used today are less dangerous than before, the residues present are a major challenge for public health, animal health and the environment.

It is in this context that the project OILPROTECT takes place by trying to find a less toxic alternative to the current insecticides. The project is based on a simple principle: through the co-evolution of plants/insects, plants have developed chemical protection systems. Indeed, many plants possess molecules such as terpenes which have been known to have insecticidal effects. OILPROTECT is based on this principle by trying to develop a mixture of essential oil with high insecticidal properties to replace chemical insecticides which are too toxic for environment.

Obtaining a natural, residue-free product on grain is therefore our main objective.


Sébastien Demeter

Olivier Lebbe


Thierry Hance