Research poles


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The agronomy pole rounds up multidisciplinary expertise over the biological, technological and socio-economical dimensions of agricultural productions, agrarian systems and open biotopes. The pole promotes the investigation of processes underlying the functioning and evolution of those systems, from organisms to populations.

Ecology and Biodiversity

Biodiversity or the world of all living organisms is a rich and fascinating source for researchers who aim for a better understanding of the interactions between organisms and their environment. Our research covers both basic and applied research, with applied work that is relevant to agriculture and conservation of biodiversity in natural and anthropogenic environments.

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Earth and climate

The research conducted aim at understanding the functioning of the Earth system, with focus on its climate component, and human-environment interactions

Environmental sciences

Understanding, assessing and modelling processes in the hydrosphere, the pedosphere, and the forest ecosystem at different spatial and temporal scales, supporting sustainable management of natural resources.

Applied microbiology

The Cluster of Applied Microbiology (ELIm) aims to valorise the useful metabolic, biochemical and technological properties of the good microorganisms, while controlling the deleterious effects of food and plant pathogens through integrated strategies including bio-control and bio-preservation.