Research support : analytical, technological and services platforms

Each of the platforms are sheltering state-of-art equipment, technical know how and sharp expertise.


AgroLouvain Services

The Faculty of Bioengineering, together with the Earth and Life Institute, have participated in the establishment of entities active in agricultural, forestry, environmental and agri-food issues....

COSMIOS - Collection of micro-organisms

This platform manages and promotes collections of micro-organisms (including viruses and phages), bringing together more than 50,000 isolates of prokaryotic and eukaryotic micro-organisms


The MOCA platform offers a wide range of physico-chemical analyses of complex mineral and organic matrices , (water, soil and sediments, waste, biomass, food, living organisms, samples from...

SEFY - Plant Cultivation Facilities

The SeFy platform is first and foremost 2000 m2 of cultivation area divided into greenhouses and phytotrons.  In 2014, Uclouvain equipped itself with new greenhouses to meet the economic and...