Program Biodiversity 2022


DAY ONE: Thursday 28 April

09h00-09h15: Welcome by Pr. Nicolas Schtickzelle, Chair of the Ecology and Biodiversity Section of ELI –Brief introduction of the Ecology and Biodiversity Section of ELI and practical information
09h15-09h30: General welcome address: Pr. Marnik Vanclooster, Chair of the Earth and Life Institute

SECTION 1: Physiology: Building blocks of ecology ?

09h30-10h15: Hervé Colinet (University of Rennes 1) – "Thermal tolerance of ectotherms, a complex physiological trait with many sources of variability"

10h15-10h45: Coffee break

10h45-11h00: Nils Svendsen (UCLouvain) – “Complexity vs linearity: relationships between functional traits in a protist
11h00-11h15: Constance Coubris (UCLouvain) – “Bioluminescence induction in Amphiura filiformis
11h15-11h30: Noé Wambreuse (UMons) – “Into the secrets of coelomocytes – The immune system sentinels of the endangered sea cucumber Holothuria scabra
11h30-11h45: Laurent Duchatelet (UCLouvain) – “Glow and see: extraocular opsin involvement in shark luminescence control
11h45-12h00: Jérôme Delroisse (UMons) – “From gene evolution to sensory ecology: insight into opsin-based photoreception in brainless and eyeless echinoderms
12h00-12h15: Luka Vantomme (ULB) – “Seastar diversity from Patagonia (South Chile) and their affinities with other subantarctic regions
12h15-12h30: Maxime Pauwels (University of Lille) – “Sublethal effects of metal toxicity and the measure of plant fitness in ecotoxicological experiments


SECTION 2: Animal behaviour: Dealing with the environment

14h00-14h45: Thomas Merckx (Free University of Brussels, VUB) – “City life, or how to deal with urban heat, habitat fragmentation and light pollution
14h45-15h00: Louise Ferrais (UCLouvain) – “Influence of low temperatures on the efficacy of the parasitoid Trechnites insidiosus in the biological control of pear psyllid
15h00-15h15: Estelle Laurent (UCLouvain) – “Competition and dispersal: disentangling resources and density effects on dispersal decisions

15h15-15h45: Coffee break

15h45-16h00: Simon Braem (UCLouvain) – “Behavioural plasticity in a niche expanding butterfly: testing oviposition behaviour in ecologically relevant settings
16h00-16h15: Job Aben (UCLouvain) – “Integrating learning into animal range dynamics under rapid human-induced environmental change
16h15-16h30: Ignace Murhubura Ignace (UCLouvain) – “Banana tree infected with banana bunchy top virus attracts Pentalonia nigronervosa aphids through increased volatile organic compounds


16h30-18h00: Poster sessions and drinks


DAY TWO: Friday 29 April

SECTION 3: Ecological interactions: From predation to symbiosis

09h00-09h45: Joan van Baaren (University of Rennes 1) – “Winter biodiversity in cereal fields around the world in the context of climate change
09h45-10h00: Pierre-Olivier Cheptou (Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive (CNRS)) – “Analyzing rapid evolution in the face of pollinator decline and warming using resurrection ecology
10h00-10h15: François Renoz (UCLouvain) – “Compartmentalized into bacteriocytes, but highly invasive: the puzzling case of the co-obligate symbiont Serratia symbiotica in the aphid Periphyllus lyropictus

10h15-10h45: Coffee break

10h45-11h00: Ulrich Martin (UCLouvain) – “Sharing a plate in the deep: the trophic ecology of 13 deep-sea shark species from New Zealand
11h00-11h15: Margaux Jossart (ULB) – “Facultative endosymbiont, a guest in the multitrophic system plant-aphid-ant
11h15-11h30: Renate Wesselingh (UCLouvain) – “Everything is connected: the diversity of interactions in the life of a parasitic plant
11h30-12h00: Elisha Jenoh (ULB) – “not communicated
12h00-12h15: Naina Goel (KULeuven) – “not communicated


SECTION 4: Global change: Diversity, ecology and evolution

14h00-14h45: Sam Dupont (University of Gothenburg) – “A question of time - How time modulates the biological response to marine global changes
14h45-15h00: Corentin Iltis (UCLouvain) – “Impact of fluctuating temperatures on the outcomes of a heat protective aphid-bacterium mutualism
15h00-15h15: Hance Thierry (UCLouvain) – “Distal and proximal causes of biodiversity loss

15h15-15h45: Tea break

15h45-16h00: Julie Verheyen (KULeuven) – “Increased daily temperature fluctuations overrule the ability of gradual thermal evolution to offset the increased pesticide toxicity under global warming
16h00-16h15: Kévin Tougeron (UCLouvain) – “Influence of woody elements on the potential for biological control in agricultural landscapes
16h15-16h30: Evert Van de Schoot (UCLouvain) – “Light pollution & moths: a field & experimental approach
16h30-16h45: Xavier Raick (ULiège) – “Passive acoustic monitoring of fish diversity in mesophotic coral ecosystems, potential global-change refuges

16h45-17h15: Closing ceremony and prices for best presentation and poster