LIBST Seminars


Friday seminars (LIBST)


  • Location : Jean-Baptiste Carnoy seminar room (LIBST, Carnoy building B, room number B059).
  • Lecture start time : 12:50pm, the lecture itself is an estimated 45 minutes, followed by a 10 minute discussion. 
    For detailed dates and presentation titles, please see the most recent seminar program on the left. 

Seminar attendence 

These seminars are mandatory for all PhD students, as they are an integral part of doctoral training in scientific communication.

What is the purpose of the LIBST seminars ?

Our Friday seminars aim at providing the researchers with an up-to-date view of various research topics together with a source of scientific culture to the researchers of the institute.
This lecture brings a diverse audience of researchers working on different organisms (bacteria, yeast, plants, mammals) and using various methodologies (biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, physiology, proteomics ...). 

For speakers 

Due to the nature and types of participants in these seminars, we kindly ask speakers to pay special attention to the didactic aspects of their lecture. 
For instance, a broad introduction of the subject (typically 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the complexity of the topic) is recommended as it is an extremely helpful learning experience to our new PhD students.