The Louvain Institute of Biomolecular Science and Technology brings together more than 150 research staff working in the field of biology and using molecular and cellular tools.  The general objective is to create an environment favorable to high profile research activities.  More specific aims are as follows :

  • to promote high quality basic research in the life sciences
  • to promote applied projects that emerge from basic research
  • to attract young talented researchers and help them develop a successful team
  • to favor the transfer of know-how
  • to favor the setting up of interdisciplinary projects
  • to improve the scientific training of young researchers
  • to set up technological platforms available to the whole scientific community


Administrative organization

Head of the institute : François Chaumont   Vice-heads of the institute : Bernard Hallet and Yvan Larondelle       Administrative coordinator :...


Our research at the LIBST is mainly funded by regional, federal and international grants.  However, philantropy can have an essential impact on our research efforts.  Financial gifts can...

Job opportunities

There are currently no job opportunities.


David Alsteens recently received two scientific awards...

Against pathogenic bacteria, we have antibiotics. Against viruses, we have vaccines and some antiviral drugs. And against cancer, we may soon have ... viruses! ‘A viral infection means that a...

How does yeast control vitamins uptake ?

Thiamine is a vitamin, also called vitamin B1. All organisms use thiamine, but it is made only in bacteria, fungi, and plants. Animals must obtain it from their diet, and thus, for humans, it is...

Welcome to our research logistician in bioinformatics

Dr. Gipsi Lima-Mendez joined our institute this first October.  Her working time will be divided between LIBST (50%), ELI (30%) and SMCS (20%). Gipsi obtained a PhD in Science...