Research Seminar by Prof. Luk WARLOP

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

May 07, 2018

11:00 - 12:30

UCL MONS - Building D – ROOM 13

Research Talk by Pr. Luk WARLOP, KULeuven

Date: 7th May

Venue: MONS - Building D – ROOM 13

Time: 11H-12H30 

Title: Jokers are smart: resolving humorous incongruity in advertising facilitates impressions of firm competence’,
with his student Chi Hoang and his colleague Klemens Knoefele, both at BI Norwegian Business School.


In sales and service interactions, buyers usually experience a power difference with sellers, due to their autonomy and outside options. Power feelings are often strengthened by the service orientation of the seller firm. We propose that self identification as a valued customer shifts attention from the interpersonal to the intrapersonal world compared to a neutral or ‘citizen’ identification. This unleashes our inner tiny Trump: it increases impulsiveness and reduces empathy, reduces perspective taking, and reduces overall sensitivity to social emotions like guilt and shame. These processes can explain a wide range of dark side phenomena like exaggerated profit and unfairness perceptions, impoliteness, reduced forgiveness and honesty in service interactions, and a range of other documented customer misbehaviors. They also suggest that remedies for customer misbehavior might require the activation of non customer identities in the sales or service context.