Géraldine ZEIMERS presented her research about CSR implementation in sport federations

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons


Géraldine ZEIMERS spoke about CSR implementation in sport federations at UGent. 


CSR symposium (Dutch title : Symposium CSR in en door sport)

Sport is believed to create positive economic, cultural, health and social values. At the same time, it faces ethical, social and environmental crises. Through CSR programs, sport organisations may stimulate sport’s positive social side and counter and/or prevent its negative side. Géraldine Zeimers presented her research that examines the implementation of CSR programs by non-profit sport organisations. The presentation provided insights on three elements of CSR implementation, namely organisational determinants, collaborations and organisational learning. The speech shed light on the distinctive orientations of SFs in the context of CSR and eventually offered guidance for sport federations desirable to implement CSR successfully.




Published on March 28, 2019