UCL Mons


Getting around campus


Campus UCL Mons - HELHa

151, chaussée de Binche
7000 Mons - BE



The campus is two km from the centre of Mons.


Schedules are available at
Real-time arrival, departure and delay information is available at or accessible by downloading the SNCB app to your smartphone.


TEC operates a special shuttle to the campus from Mons train station.

Buses operate regularly between the campus, the centre of Mons and the train station.

Three main lines serve the campus : line 22 (Mons-Binche), line 18 (Mons-St-Denis), line 82 (Mons-Trazegnies).

Lines 34 and 134 take you directly to Mons train station.

Buses A, B and C are free of charge in central Mons.

To consult all TEC lines, visit

Buses departing the campus stop on request at the Bascule stop, simply alert the driver.

Acces UCL Mons FUCaMConsider carpooling by consulting the Commuty app, reserved for UCL staff.

Via the E19/E42:

From Tournai, take exit 24 to the ‘ring’.
Exit right at Beaumont/Binche.
Follow direction Binche. 
Turn left 300 m after the Beaumont intersection or turn left at the intersection, you can access the campus via the Chemin des Mourdreux.

From Brussels, exit at Mons Est.
Turn right, cross the bois d'Havré (‘Havré Forest’).
Approximately 4 km after exiting the motorway, turn left and take the Chemin des Mourdreux.
Turn left before the intersection to enter the campus.


  • By bike 

    You can rent a bicycle by the year from Pro Vélo Mons
    Facilities are provided for safely parking your bicycle.

Campus map 

HELHa and UCL Mons are on the same campus.

 UCL Mons campus map

Campus UCL Mons


 HELHa - UCL Mons campus map