Room in a shared flat

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Furnished Rooms arranged in clusters of 3 to 10 rooms, with shared kitchen/dining room and shower&toilet facilities.

The kitchen is fully equipped.

Sharing the student life with room mates can :
-bring you support, break your loneliness and make life more fun
-need some organisation between room mates for the daily domestic chores :
         ° cooking
         ° dish washing
         ° managing bio-waste / separate collection

If you are registered at UCL for the first time (in bachelor or in master) :

you have the priority for this kind of accommodation


Accommodation Rent Deposit Rental Period
Room in a shared flat €285-€330* €150 10-12  months

(*price for 2018-2019)

Included in the rent : a PROVISION = percentage of annual payment for utilities
(electricity,heating, water, etc… )


CONTACT the Accommodation Office

In Louvain-la-Neuve
Tél + 32 10 47 22 92 /  91

In Bruxelles Woluwe
Tél +32 2 764 41 20 /  22