Room in an animation project

Room in project- or activity-based accommodation

Several types of housing are available but are NOT accessible to all

Gathered in a shared flat to pursue a group project, students share a particularly intense life, which requires collective investment and adaptation to university living.

Thus integration into this type of accommodation takes place under the best conditions and beginning in the second year.

Kots à projet (KAP'S)

UCLouvain is proud of the invention of kots-à-projet, or activity-based accommodation, by its students. The concept dates back to the birth of Louvain-la-Neuve, when the town did not yet offer the activities that exist now.

More information (in French): Collectif des kots à projet


The "cercles" are clubs created by students in the same faculty, e.g. Cercle Industriel (Industry Club), Cercle de Droit (‘Law Club’).

More information (in French): Groupement des cercles louvanistes


The ‘régionales’ are clubs based on students’ geographical origin, e.g. Lux, Carolo.

More information (in French): La Fédération wallonne des régionales de l'UCLouvain)

10-month lease*

Monthly rent

(charges included**)

Security deposit

290 € à 380 €

150 €

* with possibility of leasing during holidays

** excluding Internet connection