Students with a specific profile


Students with a specific profile (athletes; artists; entrepreneurs; students with a disability, severe illness or disorder) can take advantage of a particular status (‘Programme for Students with a Specific Profile’, French acronym ‘PEPS’) that allows for special arrangements in their university curriculum. It’s a way to ease university enrolment for students whose profile might otherwise make it difficult for them to pursue academic study.

The goal of PEPS is to transparently and equitably support and encourage such students. Four profiles are eligible for the status:

  • elite or aspiring athletes;
  • students with a disability, disorder or severe illness;
  • professional or semi-professional artists;
  • students pursuing an entrepreneurial project.

Expert committees review applications and determine whether to grant the status and on what terms. They establish criteria and respect jurisprudence. Based on their reasoned opinions, faculties can decide on possible arrangements while guaranteeing a quality education. The beneficiary of the status will have to respect a series of obligations to UCLouvain.

In addition to academic arrangements, athletes and persons with a disability, disorder or severe illness can request adapted housing. For more information:

In addition, the Ramée-Fond’Roy Hospital Group (LRFR) partners with UCLoucain to offer eight Protected Home Initiative (IHP) units at the UCLouvain site in Woluwe. These are available to UCLouvain students who, owing to mental health reasons, require assistance and housing in order to successfully attend university. An expert committee, comprised mainly of IHP and UCLouvain Student Support Service staff, reviews these requests.