Persons with disabilities

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UCLouvain is committed to supporting persons with disabilities to pursue their higher education dreams.

PEPs Status

Any UCLouvain student with a disability, severe illness or learning disorder can apply for the status of a ‘Student with a specific profile’, or, using the French acronym, ‘PEPS’ status. 

PEPS status assists students with disabilities to pursue an academic programme of study with all the necessary support, including what’s most important: an inclusive environment. Academic demands and degree value are identical to those of any other UCLouvain student, but learning and daily living arrangements, such as accommodation, are adapted not only to meet the student’s specific needs but to help the student thrive.

PEPS status also applies to high-level athletes, artists and entrepreneurs.

Aide Handi Unit

The 'Aide Handi Unit’, part of UCLouvain’s Student Support Office, supports students with a disability.

Students can make an appointment with a social worker, who will help answer all their questions about everyday life. A psychologist also coordinates educational support.

Aide Handi professionals inform disabled persons about specific services, organise welcome events and educational assistance, and provide information on study choices, ensuring that tailor-made teaching aids are supplied and helping the student gradually acquire a working method that meets academic requirements. They can also provide information about financing studies and discuss health-related challenges.