The UCLOUVAIN Sport Service, this is …

> 18 000 members
> 500 hours of sport delivered a week
> 90 sports  
> 180 certified instructors
> 30 top level universities teams

What an offer!

90 differents sports for you, both boys and girls. From popular sports (basketball, football, fitness,…) to less common activities (quidditch, roller hockey,…), you have the opportunity to practice your favorite sport or to discover new ones.  See our large offer

A good way to meet others students

Take part in a sport activity organised with “sport kots”, a “sport kot” is a theme house dedicated to sport, gathering room mates living together and sharing a common sport project

Others sport events
> 24 hours cycling
> 10 miles run
> Bike & Run

The best way to stay healthy

Sport is essential for a good balance combined with the healthy food and cooking of our university cafeteria https://www.uclouvain.be/restaurants-universitaires.html.  Keep fit !

Championship & High Level Sport

We also support the sport at a competition level :

> Providing regular trainings
> Taking part in regional, national and international competitions. GO, GO WOLVES !
> Delivering a adapted program in order to combine studies and high-level sport.

90 high level or forthcoming young talented athletes practice their training within the UCLOUVAIN sport facilities.

Infrastructure / Indoor & Outdoor Facilities

Discover all our indoor and outdoor sport facilities, most of which located close to your student accomodation or to your faculty.


Our schedules are adapted to your academic timetable. Most of the activities are taking place in the evening, but also on lunchtime and in the afternoon.

Our online timetable in Louvain-la-Neuve
Our online timetable in Woluwé


UCLOUVAIN covers a part of the cost as to ensure a very competitive price:

> Incoming exchange students : 30€
> International students registered for one study year : 50€/year
> International students registered in a inter-university program : 90€
       *if you are already affiliated to sport in your university : 50€

The UCLOUVAIN sport membership allows you

> a free access to all sport activities mentioned in our program.
> an insurance which covers any risk while practicing your sport.