Bioinformatics (BIOINFO)


Technical and scientific expertise

  • Bioinformatics technical and methodological support:
    • advice on the conception or drafting of projects and the planning of experimental designs
    • analysis of data obtained from high-throughput technologies such as sequencing, microarrays or mass spectrometry
    • assistance in the exploitation of public databases (TCGA, Gtex, CCLE, ENCODE, etc.)
    • development of algorithms and dedicated software
  • In collaboration with the SMCS platform, organisation of bioinformatics training for researchers in order to:
    • facilitate access to specialised programs such as R
    • introduce them to high-throughput data analysis

Main equipement

  • HPC servers at the de Duve Institute


  • Data analysis:
    • epigenetic
    • genomics
    • metabolomics
    • metagenomics
    • proteomics
    • transcriptomics
  • Development of scientific applications
  • R programming and development

Services available to

  • UCLouvain students, clinicians and researchers
  • Non-UCLouvain parties


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