Training courses



Some UCLouvain platforms organise courses:

  • related to their activity;
  • on request.

Please contact them to find out more about courses in the following areas:

Animal behaviour analysis ► BEAP
Bioinformatics ► BIOINFO in collaboration with SMCS (access to specialised programs such as R and introduction to high-throughput data analysis) • PGEN
Cell sorting ► CYTFCYTOFLUX
Code optimisation ► CISM
Compilers ► CISM
Composites (processing and characterisation) ► P2C
Electromagnetic characterisation of materials, components, sensors, antennas, circuits, electronic and communication systems ► WELCOME
FlowJo analysis software ► CYTF
Imagering ► 2IP
Linux-Unix ► CISM
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) ► NIMA
Microbiology: isolation, identification, purification, preservation and activity assessment of microorganisms ► COSMIOS
Microscopy ► MICAPICT
Natural language processing ► CENTAL
Optics ► LAS&O
Parallel computing ► CISM
Plant diseases ► PALS (CORDER)
Polymers (transformation and characterisation) ► P2C
Programming languages ► CISM
Statistical tools and methods ► SMCS
Vascular reactivity (measurement of) ► INTEGRATED PHYSIOLOGY